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We have carefully screened and selected an exclusive roster of trusted suppliers with products ranging from advanced water and wastewater systems to sustainable housing, renewable energy and life-supporting food production.

We have also identified federal and provincial funding programs to help you purchase what you need.

Our network is dedicated to working with your team and training your work force to confidently install and maintain your systems.

Emergency Preparedness Solutions

Portable Flood Barrier - marine grade aluminum, 50 year reusable life, 1M high, set up 100m per hour with crew of 2-4.

Multi Use Trailer System - ATV trailer geared to go anywhere your ATV can go, multiple uses and configuration.

Food Security Plant Growth System - indoor rotary hydroponic growing system; produce 160 plants per cycle in less time than a static growing system; designed to provide security from frost, hail, wind, flood as long as power source is maintained in your building.

Pathogen Detection - quickly determine whether your potable water supply is contaminated with e-coli or coliforms, early warning for water plant operators, no laboratory required.

UV light sanitation system, specifically engineered for your building to clear recirculating air of bacteria and virus.

Touchless surface sanitation systems, light-weight battery operated foggers for effective surface decontamination; cleaning product concentrate for best value, effectively controls bacteria and virus in short contact time, breaks down quickly into inert, odourless form, no wiping required.

ATV access bridge up to 60 ft span, engineered ATV bridge sets up with basic tools, no crane required, lightweight sections, local materials for foundation

Single Pole Mount structural steel racking for solar installations, 90 degree tilt, no loss of surface area for your solar array; takes in solar energy on both sides.

Rapid Detection Test for Cyanotoxin (from Bluegreen Algae) for water system operators, lviestock producers, pet owners and recreational water users, no need to wait for lab test results, monitor the safety of your water body through the season with a simple on site test. Lead time for 2022 orders nine months.

First Nation manufactured masks, best prices and quality available.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar and Wind residential to commercial scale solutions

Magnum Inverter - safely provide continuous flow from your solar or wind generators, heavy duty capacity

Low Emissions Wood Boiler - heat your home or commercial building with a renewable heat source, wood; 93% less smoke, designed for radiant hydronic heating

Thermo-electric generator - perfect supplement to wind and solar generators, provides on-demand electrical current from the building's heat source during the winter months.

Clean, Green Water Technology Solutions

Potable Water Solutions: custom unit configured for each unique source water situation.

Wastewater Recovery - complete treatment solution with high quality output water, exceeds environmental regulations for discharge; reuse in industrial or agricultural applications.

Individual Residential Septic Solutions - four separate configurations for your particular needs.

Structured Water Unit - mimics the natural action of creeks and streams to structure water molecules for complete hydration

Water Ionizer - turn your tap water into healthy alkaline water; high antioxidant properties, removes 200 contaminants to safe levels, provides separate streams of different pH water for cleaning or consumption.

Smart, Self Sufficient Homes

Modular home packages designed for joyful living. Make the most of passive solar, built in food and water security, mould and fire resistant construction materials, renewable energy systems, separate mechanical room for ease of maintenance.

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