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We have experts to speak to:

A. Emergency Preparedness

fire safety
flood control
bottled water/emergency water
emergency power
access solutions

B. Renewable Energy

batteries and inverters, storage
run of river
wood/biomass heaters

C. Clean Water

drinking water - prefiltration
in-home filtration and sanitation
wastewater recovery
rapid pathogen detection systems
advanced treatment systems
odour control for lagoons
blue green algae control for ponds

D. Smart, Self Sufficient Homes

mould resistant building materials
energy efficiency
food security
water security/conservation

E. Economic Development and Training

exporting information
archaeology and heritage resources
project management
proposal writing/research
safety training
construction trades
access solutions - bridge, tower, scaffold
risk management/security
CRA/SRED/Tax Credits
data analysis, modeling
strategic planning
communications/Technology Database, Internet
fuels and Lubricants
land Use/Management
drone Technology

F. Professional and Personal Development

healthy lifestyle
interpersonal communication
media relations

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Tuesday Oct 13, 11 am EDT - Renewable Energy Options with Chris Meier, Farm Energy Inc.

Wednesday Oct 14, 11 am EDT - Wastewater Recovery Solutions with Jason Tratch, Proteus Waters

Thursday Oct 15, 11 am EDT - Ultimate Household Self Sufficiency Tool - MUTS trailer with Larry Edgar

Also, check out this week's topics in Professional Development

Mon - Friday afternoons at 2pm EDT:

Oct 12 - Thanksgiving (no webinar scheduled)

Oct 13 - Traditional Tuesday with Samaria Cardinal

Oct 14 - Workspace Wednesday with B - Manage your Media Reach

Oct 15 - Think-Tank Thursday with Stephen Deck - Drone Technology

Oct 16 - Fabulous Friday with Sandi Boucher - The Path Forward

For more information: Call us at 613-501-5279 or CHAT with us online, every weekday between 10 and 4 EST.

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