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NOAH Water Systems

Noah experts have engineered, designed and refined all of our portable water purification units. We've put them to the test from the stifling Panamanian jungle to the scorching heat in Sub-Saharan Africa to the frozen lakes and ponds of a bitter-cold Michigan winter. The units came through with flying colors.

Our purification systmes include The Trekker™ and the Nomad™

The Trekker™
  • A Small Portable Water Purification System
  • capable of producing 1-gallon (3.8-liters) per minute of safe drinking water from freshwater sources
  • The unit runs on 12-volt DC power, packaged complete with multiple power cords
  • An ideal choice in remote areas where electrical service is either impractical or unavailable.
  • Quick-filter change
  • 4-stage purification process
  • Watertight, unbreakable Pelican case
  • UV-lamp out indicator
  • No chemicals to add
  • Price: $1,495
    (Price does not include shipping)

The Nomad™
  • A Water Purification System Suitable for Larger Groups
  • capable of producing 25-gallons or 95-liters per minute or 36,000-gallons or 136,800-liters per day of safe drinking water, from any freshwater source.
  • 99.9999% kill rate
  • Easy filter change
  • Quick-Connect hose system
  • Honda Generator (gasoline)
  • Honda Pump (gasoline)
  • Cleanable pre-filter
  • 4-stage purification process
  • NSF-certified components
  • UV lamp-out shut down circuit
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No chemicals to add
    The unit comes with a 3-year limited WARRANTY. The unit ships in 2 custom-built flight cases with a combined total weight of 547 pounds.
  • Price: $18,100
    (Price does not include shipping)
For more information: Call us at 1-888-258-7868