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KNRC Featured products

First Nation Canadian Made PPE

Fist Nation Manufactured
  • Our products are Canadian manufactured by First Nation
  • The fabric used in our masks is both breathable and impermeable to droplet resistance
  • Our partners house over 15 machines at a repurposed, state-of-the-art facility

Surgical 3Ply Mask

This lightweight and confortable mask has a filter efficiency of 98%. It provides you with the much needed protection from harmful airborne substances. 3-ply face masks are a great choice for healthcare professionals and patients. Tie back available.

50 masks per box, $23 (Works out to $.46 each)
Bulk discount on orders over 5000 boxes
Shipping not included.

Face Shield

A full face shield creates a barrier to protect your face from respiratory droplets. This transparent, breathable face shiled is made of premium materials. A great choice for those seeking extra protection and must be worn with a mask.

This a reusable face shield $19.99 each

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Touchless Sanitation Solutions

Wiping down surfaces with a cloth only serves to spread the problem around.
Failure to leave the cleaning product on for the recommended contact time.

Touchless sanitation allows a fine mist of our cleaning product enough contact time to kill pathogens and does not have to be wiped off.

Cordless Fogger


Professional Fogger


Advanced Disinfecting Fogging

Your experts in disinfecting fogging service. We are here to provide you the peace of mind you need and mitigate the concern of the severe impact viruses and bacteria can have on ones health. We lead with solutions that help individuals and businesses to ensure homes and workplace high-touch surfaces are disinfected and decontaminated while sanitizing and deodorizing the air in the process. Our industrial grade ULV foggers and Health Canada Approved disinfectants ensure no surface is left untouched.

The Process

If you are seeking a professional, effective and quick process – Kill & Clean Solutions is your partner. We follow a comprehensive 5-Step process that will ensure you have a solution that is diligent, cost effective and provides you peace of mind.

Timely Customer Support Need help or have a question? Email or phone us at and 1.800.301.9223
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For more information: Call us at 1-888-258-7868