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Emergency Preparedness
Be ready for extreme weather, power failure, floods and fires.
  • mechanical flood barriers, rapid set up with small crews, protect critical community infrastructure
  • water supplies, box contained, easy to stack and store, 85% less plastic than bottled water
  • Household water storage tank, fills in the bathtub for temporary water shortages
  • portable thermo-electric generator, charge phones, run lights off a small burner
  • fire suppression equipment, quad ATV mounted gear
  • all terrain quad trailers, multiple configurations for hauling anything over rough ground
  • rapid detection of water pathogens, test results without a laboratory within hours

Renewable Energy
  • off grid options for solar, wind and thermal energy
  • biomass stove, 12 hour burn time, accepts several fuels at once

Clean, Green Technology
  • environmentally forward, advanced technology wastewater treatment and recovery options, clean water from virtually any source
  • safe, pure drinking water, pre-filtration, custom solutions for each unique case

Smart, Self Sufficient Homes
Fire resistant, mould free, open and light filled modular homes designed for your specific needs
  • choose the modules to suit each build, aligned for passive solar gain
  • pure water, multi plate ionizer, removes 200 contaminants, alkaline, anti-oxidant water for drinking, acidic water for cleaning
  • structured water units for efficient hydration, enhanced health effects
  • self contained hydroponics system, accelerated plant growth by design
  • self contained wastewater treatment systems

Community Economic Development, Business and Training Opportunities Commercial scale plant production systems for Food Security, employ up to six full time Environmental Services - spill clean ups, nutrient recovery