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We each have our creation stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, each having its own unique storyline.

Our creation story tells us that the Creator took elements from different parts of our Mother Earth. The elements were mixed in a clay-like substance and molded into a human form. He then baked them and blew three breaths into them, to bring them to life.

The Creator made four races. Each was unique, because each was created from elements that are distinctive to the part of the Earth they were from. We were all given what we need to exist here on earth, food, medicine, language and culture. We were also given responsibilities. Ours was to be the caretakers of our Mother Earth.

As we walk across Turtle Island, we encounter many people with needs that we, as a nation, can fulfill. This is the spirit of KNRC. Our aim is to find solutions that do not harm Mother Earth, while helping our people and our children thrive.

Our people were placed here on Turtle Island, made from what is here on this part of our Mother Earth. Our people have strong roots here and we are created from the same elements. We are here to work together to make our nations stronger and healthy. IN UNITY

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